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Holiday Experience

Group & Individual interest

Travelling like a native is a popular trend in the leisure industry for getting to know the places, people, and cultures. Our expert can design and tailor-make a one-of-a-kind journey experience for you that includes safety, culture, and a customised schedule so that you have a good remembering and a great photo to share on social media.

Travel from a different perspective to uncover the hidden treasures in each city, where you will be comfortable, protected, and secure on your adventure away from home. Allow us to look after you for a smooth journey and a lasting impression.

Ad-HOC Requirement

Travelling to different parts of the world has varied goals and expectations for each person. Your unique itinerary or a desired destination is an idea to discuss with our specialists in order for them to create a speciality itinerary for you and your travel companion.

You can choose or leave your favourite accommodation, restaurant, cuisine, activities, transportation, and presents as your matcher services.

To protect your safety, we provide group domestic insurance to cover any accidents that occur during your journey period. Our experienced staff will accompany you during the travel, while the expert will monitor and assist you in resolving any issues that may arise to ensure a smooth journey.


As a new business trend, business cannot be fixed in one spot. Working in the remote, safety, and hygiene are the qualities that people seek in a presence time.

We have a choice of properties for you to choose from based on your lifestyle. For your comfort and convenience, the rating of accommodation extends from classic style to luxury property, with good amenities and services during your stay.

A new working environment has resulted in improved work quality and the best company output, with several business-winning projects. Please inform us about your plans. Our specialist will look for a suitable location that meets your requirements.


Business Events


A meeting is a crucial event for internal organisations, regional events, and global events. A prototype for a post-pandemic meeting has been established, with a high standard on health, safety, and hygiene, as well as a challenge for a creative meeting atmosphere for the best possible conclusion.

Share your meeting agenda with us, and our experienced meeting planner will support you throughout the event with full audiovisual equipment and the required devices to ensure maximum convenience and quick access to any platform.

Our specialties include working in an atmosphere of hospitality and organising a sustainable event. Our goal is for you to have a worry-free and successful event.


An incentive is the most effective kind of inspiration and motivation for employees and businesses. There are numerous ways to recognise the finest hardworking employee for accomplishing the company goal, including a prize, cash reward, or gift. As a result, an incentive trip to a new location has a higher impact on employment because it encourages education, team unity, and the celebration of the entire organisation for the most successful business.

The key message for rewards is well understood. We have many WOW aspects, including a fantastic experience, pride in the destination, and a hidden treasure reserved just for your event.

We are well equipped with audio and visual equipment to heighten the excitement of a significant event as well as to give entertainment throughout the entire journey.


Convention has a various sized of event and attendees. The protocol of safety, security and hygiene is a mandatory. The venue must be spacious and up to date technology for the best performance during the event period. 

As a one-stop-shop, our skilled team is working and assisting you. We are looking for a good site for you with an optional and functional venue for your comparison using our knowledge. We cater the best and most innovative cuisine and beverages designed specifically for your event.

We have organized a few national conventions with exhibit booths, as well as marketing and sponsorship. Please contact us to discuss a new experience at a new location for your event.


Exclusive Journey

Transportation Service

Travel in Asia with confidence, knowing that your safety is our first priority. We offer an option of vehicles as your preferred type. We are serving from a standard vehicle to a luxury limousine to ensure a comfortable ride with fully protected group domestic accident insurance.

Each destination serving a particular type and model of vehicle, and our skilled logostic team will be there to help you every step of the way.

In addition, in some countries, a customised service upon arrival or departure can be arranged to accommodate your valued passengers. Laos is served by our highlighted green energy airport transfer on an EV car.

For further information, please contact us.

Teambuildiing & CSR

Teambuilding is a quick way to persuade employees to break the ice between sessions. This is a fantastic activity for bonding the company’s human resources and learning about the exceptional character of the people.

A range of team-building activities can be tailored or personalised for your group of 10 to a thousand people. We offer an exciting race, a treasure hunt, and an outdoor activity with a detective theme as examples of activities.

Furthermore, CSR, or corporate social responsibility, can be designed for your event or group to participate in or collaborate on the event with your desired places to give back and support some of the place and a group of children and the elderly for a better quality of life.

Special Requirement

Our skilled team is available to assist you with any of our special events, whether indoors, outdoors, or offsite. For the greatest outcome and efficiency result for each organisation, we customise the best service of a new meeting environment to the unique location and unusual event.

We can assist you with, for other things, a project site inspection, a showcase of a company familiarisation trip, an education trip, or other unusual activity.

Please contact us if you require more information.