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J2A is stands for Journey To Asia, which is easy and friendly.

Our key principles for business collaboration are hope, faith, love, and luck, and we are committed to delivering these to each of your events with J2A.

J2A was founded on January 19, 2018 to provide meeting, incentive, and special event services. The company is developed with clover leaves in consideration, which are only four leaves per tree in a thousand. It embodies the company’s attitude towards its customers through four elements: faith, hope, love, and luck. The letter J represents journey, while the heart shape arrow down represents Asia.

At the community-based MICE, we serve our Thai knowledge with the best practises of local experience. We recently expanded our service to include Bali, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, South Korea, and Vietnam, allowing our staff to support your business events as a one-stop-shop for facilitating and aligning an international standard across the surrounding countries, as well as easier connections to get your work done quickly.

Our professional staff is ready to assist and facilitate your business event with a new normal meeting atmosphere, a tailored incentive experience and journey, and a fully equipped audio-visual as well as exhibition partner to enhance your event and make it distinctive and memorable.

We have organised a few national events and the mega event service with over 80,000 people, as well as a major corporate incentive group with up to 3200 members. Our team has a core value of delivering satisfaction and success for each of your events with us, regardless of group size.

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Who we are

Jeff Fongmool

Manning Director

Tale Noorit

Assistant Managing Director

Emmy Chalayondecha

General Manager

TK Kooburat

Director of Regional Projects

Joe Khammun

Director of Regional Events

Veenus Pungphan

Leisure Manager

Kei Sawada

Project Manager / Japanese Market

Bow Kampan

Project Manager



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